How to get more followers and fans?

Go and check every famous brands who have lots of fans and followers.

The first important factor you will find in them is that they are very best in doing one thing.  They are best at it.   The second important factor is they all are leading a tribe of people with similar interest.

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and name others who have more fan following.  They are best at producing music that is liked by their audience. got more fan not by saying how they are feeling but by writing about technology that makes a difference in people's life.

Seth Godin didn't got more followers by being online on twitter or facebook.  He got more followers by leading a tribe of marketers and advertisers by continuously shipping his talent to masses by his blog, speeches and making real connections. 

President Barack Obama got more fans not by sitting in a cubicle but by leading.  Doing campaigns on the streets, knocking the doors of people and doing the hard work to fulfill his vision of change.

Don't get bogged down by the medium.  It is just a place where followers and fans can connect with each other.  It is a place where they can comment and share stories about their leaders.

If you are doing real work and leading people with similar interest groups then you will have a fan following.

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